NFC Travelling Museum brings exhibits right to your audience


To say it right from the start: Corona was not the deciding factor for us to develop a mobile museum in a travelling case. But as with many other things, Corona was an accelerator. We thought that it was the best time to go public with our mobile NFC travelling museum.

We would like to describe here how we came up with the idea of developing a digital museum case.

What inspired us to realise the idea?

Actually, it was personal experiences and conversations among family and friends that made us come up with the idea of a digital museum.

  • There are quite a few small children with some family members working in museums or at least visiting regularly. Of course, these children have already visited plenty museums and enjoy taking part in educational activities. To their disappointment, this is currently not possible. But even before the corona-related closures we noticed that our children have a very special interest in museums and culture in general. This is different for many of their peers. Many children have rarely visited a museum and in kindergarten and school it is sometimes difficult to realise a museum visit. Although teachers often want to visit museums, a visit is sometimes impossible due to a lack of time, personnel and financial resources. Especially if the school is not in the city centre.
The Tuomi NFC Travelling museum is beautifully versatile and can be used in the classroom or at home.
The Tuomi NFC Travelling museum is beautifully versatile and can be used in the classroom or at home.
  • We heard similar things from friends who are teachers or work in similar jobs, especially when they work in rural areas. They want to include museum visits in their education activities but the circumstances make it impossible.
  • In addition, elderly people who have always been interested in culture and museums reach a point when they can’t visit a museum anymore due to age and health restrictions. Purely digital participation in cultural events on the internet requires digital skills that this age group usually does not have. Therefore, Corona cuts elderly people off cultural life completely and negatively impacts the quality of life.
How does the museum get to the people?

The obvious question was: how do we bring the museum to the people if they cannot or do not want to visit a museum?

Our solution: We put a small museum with selected tactile objects into a secure travel case. A screen serves as a small media station. The exhibits can be touched, moved and looked at. And they are ready to share their story with the audience by using our NFC-based multimedia information system. Creative story telling makes the objects even more interesting and our Travelling Museum brings content in multiple languages, for different target groups and is ready for interactive content such as search games or quizzes.

Museum at home

For example, a family could borrow the NFC Travelling museum and discover the miniature museum while sitting comfortably in their own home. Children are encouraged to do what they want to: Touch everything, try it out, have a loud conversation, take a break whenever they want to and playfully discover another world. Stress-free for everyone! And perhaps the family will visit the museum as soon as possible because of the great experience they had with the miniature museum at home. The children will then be able to visit the objects they have already learnt a lot about at home.

Stay tuned!

We will present some ideas soon how information and stories can be presented best with the museum suitcase. There is more to come!

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