We have always been passionate about IT. And we care for our customers. In fact, ever since we founded tuomi back in 1995, we have been known for providing innovative network technology and IT services that are designed to benefit our customers. That is why we have so many long-standing customers who place their complete trust in our tailor-made solutions. And we continue to grow and innovate. In 2010 we expanded our portfolio to include the software development of mobile and cloud applications.

Our expertise in NFC technology is yet another innovative step into the future. Today we are a leader in the development of context-driven applications and information systems.

We have done many exciting things over the years. Come on in and see our newest developments and what we can do for you.


NFC Apps

NFC, QR codes, beacons and much more: business cards, advertising and flyers are experiencing a renaissance thanks to tuomi's innovative digital solutions.


IT & Cloud

tuomi is still working together with customers who have been with us since we started in 1995. That is because we always strive to provide new, innovative solutions that focus on our customers' specific needs.


Mobile Health

Fast, safe and simple solutions can go a long way to improving patient care even further. tuomi develops software specifically for medical use that is efficient and fulfils the highest demands for data protection.


Digital Guide

Designing exhibitions so that they are interactive, responsive to the interests of individual visitors and inclusive for all members of society is becoming increasingly important. Discover the digital guide from tuomi, the best, fastest and easiest way to meet your exhibition goals.


We develop holistic digital solutions
made-to-measure for your needs.



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