The Story Behind the Art: New Media Station at museum Trier

The Story Behind the Art: New Media Station at museum Trier

Since 2014, visitors of the Stadtmuseum Trier have been able to benefit from the barrier-free NFC audioguide by tuomi. For the reopening after the Corona break, the exhibition about the history of the city of Trier has been enriched by an additional digital option.
In the exhibition, the painting shows the legendary founder of the city of Trier, Trebeta. Numerous other people, coats of arms and statues symbolize major points in the history of Trier. Those who wish to dig deeper into the stories behind the painting can do so by using the new media station.

Discover the painting digitally

In order to be able to see every detail in high resolution, certain areas of the painting can be zoomed in at the station. By clicking on marked areas of the painting, additional information are displayed. Multimedia elements show the history of the painting and the Trebeta legend can be traced step by step. Contemporary as well as historical images show the footprint of the legend in the cityscape.

A perfect fit

tuomi stands for utmost flexibility when it comes to the media station. The state-of-the-arttechnology inside the station needs only minimal space. That gave the station's designers the freedom to design the station in the design of the exhibition. The graphics were also individually adapted to the requirements of the station's design. In addition, the station is barrier-free and easy to use for wheelchair users.
And of course, changes to the content and functionalities can be done easy, fast and without adapting the physical media station. For example, a NFC interface could be added. By placing a NFC object or user ID on the interface, the media station can be controlled:

The media station can be controlled by using the NFC extension.

Feel free to contact us to make your exhibition even more exciting with digital information technology!

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